Re: [Full-disclosure]

Whoops and sorry Richard! I thought you were referring to the
conversation between netdev(worriedsecurity@xxxxxxxxx) and
netdev(full-disclosure@xxxxxxxxxxxx). It is obvious from reading
further you were referring to netdev's threat of bodily harm to Gadi.

once again, sorry about the mess-up

-JP<the infallible>

On 10/13/07, Dude VanWinkle <dudevanwinkle@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 10/13/07, worried security <worriedsecurity@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 10/13/07, Richard Golodner <rgolodner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:

Why don't you keep this offline between you and full-disclosure? I know
Valdis and he does not give a damn about any of this sophomoric stuff. When
you post legitimate security information your credibility is increased as
well as the amount of respect you receive amongst the security community.
Take this as friendly advice and nothing more. You should not threaten to
play games as you may not be aware of who is reading this stuff. I know NSA,
Interpol and FBI personnel who read this but will never reveal themselves,
but you expose yourself to possible investigation by making threats. And
that is never a good idea.

I dont think that The Douchebag can be charged with threatening himself...

You do realize that some trolls register multiple accounts on the same
mailing list so that they can have the benefit of annoying everyone
else while only talking to themselves. This is done in order to make
people like you think that there is a serious discussion going on.

-JP<S00p3r31337D00dV@nW1nk13 boyee'>

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