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Two months is still recently. Think about "In recent history we invaded
Iraq", "In recent times terrorism has become more prominent".

The real problem here is that "0-day" originally meant "previously
vulnerability/exploit". The term lost its usefulness when all the hacker
wannabe's started posting "I found a 0-day", when what they really had was
a "*yawn*-we've-been-waiting-18-months-for-vendor-to-fix-day".

Which reminds me, I recently found a vulnerability on all open source
based systems. Seems like whenever there is a program called sudo
installed on the machine - any user can run a command with root
privileges on that machine if sudo is properly configured to allow the
user to do so.

# sudUmb

echo pwnd
sudo shutdown now

# insert one million shout outs to etards here

J. Oquendo
"Excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesta"
sil . infiltrated @ net

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