Re: [Full-disclosure] Unreal: a movement to block Firefox

Paying for bandwidth is something that web site owners and web users
both do.

So people who try to force large graphical advertising images into my
web browsing experience are stealing my bandwidth and my money.

Adblock Plus can be seen as a security tool too, blocking "drive-by"
push installs of malware via banner ads.



Phil Randal
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Herefordshire Council
Hereford, UK

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Micheal Espinola Jr wrote:

This already a bit old.

It's a fine way of thinking in circles

firfox->add block extention ->don't generate revenue -> block all
firefox users\


This dimwit claims it isn't a problem because these "firefox"
users are
geeky opensource
people that don't buy much online anyway.

Hence why bother to block them?

He just has some problems with the add block developers who don't want
to facilitate him
in bypassing the software.

Which is (i'll share a secret) is possible.

he's this duchebag who thinks he's all the rage. Fine. Whatever he can
have his site

there is even an

block 20% of all Europeans is bound to be great for business.

All the other browsers opera, IE have these features too. the firefox
plugin has regular expressions,
O no firefox is just to evil.

It's not even worth mentioning

and firefox users can also install the User Agent plugin to bypass the
script that he has put up on
his rediculous page.

When this hit digg, all his webpages were down for days I bet
he's still
paying for the bandwith

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