Re: [Full-disclosure] What do you guys make of this?

Not sure if it came across in the email, but for the record: I love Russia,
always have.
Growing up in the cold war, I never figured out why we were supposed to fear
them. I loved the USSR Military hardware, admired how well it worked, the
elegant simplicity. The MIG-29 Fulcrum was astounding. My favorite plane
though was the F-15.

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thus Joel R. Helgeson spake:

There was a time in foreign policy where no country, no diplomat would
a foreign policy decision without first asking "what does Russia think of

No. It was 'Soviet Union', not 'Russia'.

So what, America, USA, you know what I'm talking about

Well, Russia is no longer a super power,

Well, actually, it is. It has thousands of nuclear warheads, it has more
advanced fighter jets and bombers than the US, it has more advanced
space technology and ICBMs, submarines, education & healthcare...

It has _plenty_ of ressources the US has to go to war for (natural gas,
oil, etc).

Overly simplistic thinking. Nations don't go to war over natural resources
anymore. In the 1930's, yes, a country was the sum total of its natural
resources - including people which were used for manual labor. Now, it is
the PEOPLE who create value now.

the fall from which left
Putin feeling excluded. He's always wanted to get Russia back to
status, he wants his Mother Russia to be significant again.


LOL, no, it's called reality.

For years, the Russian economy was cash strapped.

No. It suffered from a few people that stole what the people's was.

It had no exports, no economy. The tax system was crazy so people simply did
not pay. This bankrupted the government.

Just recently Putin
revamped the entire tax system and implemented a 12% flat tax. For the
time since the collapse, the tax revenues are POURING in. They now have
enough gas to fuel a plane, and now they want to get back into being
as a superpower, to be 'feared', they desperately want to matter again,
be important.

I see you have no response to this.

So, they're acting out in an aggressive manner - using tried and true
war era tactics. It comes across to me as childish, throwing a fit just
get attention.

If _that_ is childish, what is the US's behaviour then? Oh, sorry, I
forgot: Children usually don't rape, kill and spread war^H^H^Hdemocracy.

America is doing what it has always done. Fighting for the freedom of
others. War is always ugly, but not as ugly as standing by and letting evil

It is not propaganda, Russia is just trying to say "We're
And this time, we've got 31337 H4x0rz!"

Blah. Blahblah.


Joel Helgeson



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