[Full-disclosure] SSHatter


Whilst working on the next version of Fuzzled, I started playing with
Parallel::ForkManager. At the same time, a friend was bemoaning not having a
tool to carry out auditing of passwords via SSH. A couple of hours later,
SSHatter was born.

SShatter is a password brute forcer for SSH, it is multi threaded and can
audit more than one system and account in a given session. It can be
downloaded from http://www.nth-dimension.org.uk/downloads.php?id=34.

Credit must be given to the authors of Parallel::ForkManager (Szabó, Balázs
(dLux)) and Net::SSH::Perl (Benjamin Trott, David Rolsky, David Robins) on
whose code SSHatter is dependant.

Remember, auditing systems without permission may be a crime, always read the

Tim Brown

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