Re: [Full-disclosure] "debug k" freezing Cisco routers?

Hi Shawn

Another easter egg style command on cisco IOS is:
Router#test crash
(performs a router test crash, incorporating bus, memory and cpu crash.. its
kinda scary)

Which is actual useful for high end cisco core routers that need load


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Hi FX,

As always, thank you for your sage technical advice and pointers :)

Btw, the Cisco MDS 9000 seems to have some interesting debug commands
as well, see Google search for the following: "debug

Does anyone know the OS for the MDS 9000? I'm reading this from

"...easy-to-use Cisco MDS 9000 Fabric Manager and Device Manager GUI
and CLI access similar to that of Cisco IOS Software."

Perhaps this is like the Call Manager 5.0, which runs Linux but has a
"IOS like" CLI? If this is the case, then maybe this type of attack
vector may have potential against the MDS 9000?

Thanks again for sharing and kindest regards,

Shawn Merdinger
Independent Security Researcher

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