Re: [Full-disclosure] More URI Handling Vulnerabilites (FireFox Remote Command Execution)

Billy Rios wrote:
I've posted a PoC for remote command execution in Firefox (,
Netscape Navigator 9, and mozilla at:

These specific examples are built for WinXP SP2 WITH NO OTHER EXTERNAL
EMAIL programs installed. Users with Outlook, notes, or other
external mail programs installed may have had their URI handlers
modified by the external program.

You must also upgrade to IE7, the examples will not work with IE6.

You must have something registered to handle mailto: or Firefox won't even
try. It doesn't matter what, though: IE7 appears to have introduced a
change such that mailto:<foo>%00<bar> completely bypasses the registered
protocol handler for mailto: (and a few other "web" protocols).

You can follow Mozilla's progress dealing with this issue at

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