[Full-disclosure] [Advisory] Phishing Vulnerability in Verisign Network

Advisory : Phishing Vulnerability in Verisign Network
Dated : 5 July 2007
Severity : Critical


The Verisign Secured Network and Verisign Weblogs network is vulnerable to
phishing . The problem persists in the redirection links present which
allows third party redirection. The cause :

1. Redirection of traffic directly without visiting website.
2. The website wont check the link that is being called by the phisher.
3. Third party linking is possible.
4. Looping attack is also possible.

The vulnerable links are:

1. http://www.verisignsecured.com/Redirect.aspx?[ website name ]
2. http://www.weblogs.com/clickthru?url=[website name]

It is considered as vulnerable because the clickthru parameter can be
to any website not related to main website links respectively.






Vendor Status : Reported.

Aditya K Sood

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