Re: [Full-disclosure] TippingPoint IPS Signature Evasion

This is exploitable (and tested) against IIS 5/5.1 (IIS6/7 are not
However, potentially other web servers are also vulnerable if they are
capable of decoding alternate unicode characters.

I also agree with you, blaming an IPS for not detecting attack which is
impossible in the wild would be very pointless.
Although IIS 5 is old, it is still relatively common.

Any further questions, feel free to ask.


Paul Craig
Security Consultant

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Dear Paul Craig,

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PC> Web servers located behind a Tippingpoint IPS device which are capable
PC> of decoding alternate Unicode characters can be accessed, and exploited
PC> without triggering the IPS device.

Can you, please, provide example of such server? Fatih Ozavci reported
similar problem with Checkpoint and Halfwidth/Fullwidth Unicode,
potential attack vector was IIS with .Net framework, in this case IIS
seems not to be exploitable.

Blaming IPS it does not detect attack which is impossible in-the-wild is
nonsense. Blaming corporate-level IPS doesn't detect attack against SOHO
web server is acceptable nonsense :)


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