Re: [Full-disclosure] Retrieving "deleted" sms/mms from Nokia phone (Symbian S60)

On 5/16/07, Davide Del Vecchio <dante@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

3APA3A ha scritto:
> Dear Davide Del Vecchio,
> It's also possible to recover deleted photos from almost any flash card
> in almost any device (camera, mobile, etc) - it's a way general purpose
> file systems work. Requirement to delete information securely is
> enforced in devices certified to e.g. process US military secretes. In
> this case, device must follow DoD 5220-22-M recommendations and you can
> expect secure erase. In general purpose operation systems and devices,
> to delete information securely (wipe it) some additional
> actions/utilities are usually required.
> --Tuesday, May 15, 2007, 9:09:19 PM, you wrote to
> DDV> Hello list,
> DDV> During some research, I found an intersting "feature"
> DDV> on my Nokia mobile phone; I was able to retrieve any
> DDV> apparently deleted sms/mms.

I completely agree with you.
Infact the news is how EASY is it to recover sms/mms deleted without
using any recovery tool (just using the PC Nokia Suite) and the aim of
my post was to increase the perception of the privacy risk on the mobile

I hope that after this post, Nokia people will think about introducing
more security features. Those actually are infact often reduced to just
a 4 digit number (the PIN).

I think the question is crucial and, I hope, finally clear.



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