[Full-disclosure] Uninformed Journal Release Announcement: Volume 7

Uninformed is pleased to announce the release of its seventh volume. This
volume includes 3 articles on relating to exploitation technology and general

- Exploitation Technology: Reducing the Effective Entropy of GS Cookies
Author: skape

- General Research: Memalyze: Dynamic Analysis of Memory Access Behavior in Software
Author: skape

- General Research: Mnemonic Password Formulas
Authors: I)ruid

This volume of the journal can be found at:


About Uninformed:

Uninformed is a non-commercial technical outlet for research in areas pertaining
to security technologies, reverse engineering, and lowlevel programming. The
goal, as the name implies, is to act as a medium for informing the uninformed.
The research presented in each edition is simply an example of the evolutionary
thought that affects all academic and professional disciplines.

- The Uninformed Staff
staff [at] uninformed.org

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