Re: [Full-disclosure] [++++SPAM++++] Fwd: threat to corporate security

On 4/10/07, n3td3v <n3td3v@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Do not play with n3td3v's intelligence, we've already harvested
mailboxes for Yahoo Inc, we've got internal operational data for Yahoo
Inc. Employees are doing more than saying they are out of office or
the dates they are coming back, they are openly talking about other
stuff as well.

Of course I am not questioning the intelligence on anyone. Polite
people don't do such thing. I don't know you so I can't judge you,
that's all :-) and if I have remarks on that, I don't do them in a
public mailing list. It would be simply lame.

Still, I found quite strange that you use - in what seems to be a kind
of "official communication" - one of the worst English ever seen
(which doesn't testify for professionality. Still bear in mind, I am
not judging anyone...) or that you talk in pluralis majestatis like
you were the Queen :-)

Apart from jokes, what I am questioning is that you really have a clue
of such organisations, apart from always pointing your finger to Yahoo
- which should have done something to you I guess :-) are you a
disgrunted former employee? :-)

We will release collect.txt if we need to prove the full scale of the issue.

I am not so interested personally .-)

Look below for an example:

Ok, I trust you that Yahoo is sending their out of office out to the
world. Therefore I suggest you to say "some" corporations or just

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