Re: [Full-disclosure] War against Iran: Update from front lines

[quote n3tcl0wn last week]

you read a hoax e-mail on fd and talk it up until you actually create a
real security incident >targeting iran!
none of you get a job as diplomats working at the U.N, please.


and this week.....


Storm Worm exploits Mideast tensions
Published: 2007-04-09

Unknown attackers released a deluge of new Storm Worm variants over
the weekend, using fake headlines warning of U.S. and Israeli attacks
on Iran to pique the curiosity of potential victims.

The misnamed Storm Worm--in reality a Trojan horse program spammed out
by attackers' bot nets--needs a trusting victim to open the attached
file in order to infect the user's system. The subject lines of the
e-mail messages that carry the program as an attachment use the
tensions in the Middle East to convince users to open the file.
Subject lines include "USA Just Have Started World War III," "Missle
Strike: The USA kills more then 20000 Iranian citizens," "Israel Just
Have Started World War III," and "USA Missile Strike: Iran War just
have started," according to antivirus vendors.

The latest round of variants has repacked the program with different
settings to fairly successfully evade antivirus defenses.

The Storm Worm is also called Trojan.Peacomm by security firm
Symantec, the owner of SecurityFocus, and Win32.Zhelatin by antivirus
firm F-Secure.


Do you know anything about this?


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