Re: [Full-disclosure] Hackers uniting against Iran?

On Fri, 06 Apr 2007 19:22:34 EDT, Paul Hem said:
On 4/6/07 12:16 PM, "Timo Schoeler" <timo.schoeler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The US (amongst others) came to the european continent on June 6th,
1944. At that time, the red army already conquered more than two
thirds of the area of nazi germany. The germans already had lost
the war.

The battle of Stalingrad which was the turning point on the Eastern Front
went from August 21, 1942 through February 2, 1943.

It can be argued that the German's siege of Leningrad, which lasted almost 900
days but they never managed to take the city, was the first indication that the
Germans had run into trouble...

For you to hint that the battle of Europe was "already won" by the Russians
is bullshit!

Unfortunately, Timo *is* at least partially correct - by the time the US
forces landed at Normandy, the Soviet armies had already pushed back the
German armies a considerable way, and the Germans were already in severe

Of course, that begs the question of whether the Germans would have had less
trouble near Leningrad and Stalingrad if they hadn't had to commit Rommel's
forces in North Africa. Germany just didn't have the resources to fight in
North Africa and Russia (which is a logistics nightmare all by itself - you
might have enough divisions to hold a front when it's near Poland, but the
further you go into Russia, the front gets wider and wider....)

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