Re: [Full-disclosure] WEEPING FOR WEP

On Fri, 06 Apr 2007 13:05:00 MDT, Bruce Ediger said:

Wait just a minute. Do you propose to say that "security" is an economic
good, with associated opportunity costs and benefits? But just the other
day, all the anti-virus vendors and trade rags in the world seemed to
say that "security" was binary, and "on" is the preferred state.

Well, people who do it for a living understand it's a tradeoff continuum,
where fractional values make sense, and the most sensible setting varies
from place to place.

But when you're trying to sell to Joe Sixpack, or a PHB in upper management,
confusing him with more than two choices ("Good" and "Bad") just pisses him off
and loses you the sale.

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