Re: [Full-disclosure] Hackers uniting against Iran?

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While the USS Nimitz Carrier Battle Group is making haste to the
Arabian Gulf (formerly known as the Persian Gulf), to help secure the
sea lanes for the oil market (THE WEST PAYS A FAIR PRICE FOR THE
COMMODITY) without which Europe's economy would be destroyed, I have
to read this crap.

Look. The Europeans couldn't WAIT to get The U.S. into WWII. (BBC
report of Winston Churchill: Defender of Democracy
By Dr Geoffrey Best: "In foreign affairs, his greatest achievement
was to engage the sympathy of the United States, without whose
material help - and, better, military alliance - Britain, he well
understood, had no chance of winning." Now, 60 years later, you want
to pat us on the head and send us back home?

that's not true. when western countries (GB, USA) joined in WWII, the
battle was already won by the russian red army.

What makes you think that the U.S. Would now believe you won't screw
up again and cause a couple of million U.S. Military casualties when
you "engage our sympathy" next time? Nope! The U.S. will continue be
PROACTIVE - and that's whether the Democrats or Republicans are in
power. And the U.S. does appreciate the wisdom of Tony Blair and John
Howard to mention only 2 who are well aware of what it takes to keep
the sea lanes safe for commerce. Also, thanks to the Royal Navy and
Marines who are still patrolling the Iraq/Iran border sea lane.

So, if we STAY THE EFF on the security topic, then we will ALL be much
happier. Oh, yes, the above IS security!

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