Re: [Full-disclosure] Exploiting Microsoft dynamic Dns updates

Dear Denis,

As I told before, this feature/vulnerability related with dynamic dns
updates is known for a long time. My experience has demonstrated that this
weak configuration is very common and extended between most companies and
some of the attack vectors that I exposed were never considered as a threat.

I agree with you that Windows 2003 provides more security, but that's not
the default configuration with windows 2000 server.

I was not aware of nsupdate tool so I coded Dnsfun just as a proof of
concept (not as a high-sk1llz hacker tool). It helped me to test some
configuration issues.
If it also helps people to identify risky configurations then its enough for

Andres Tarasco

2007/4/3, Denis Jedig <dj@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

On Thu, 22 Mar 2007 11:35:18 +0100 Andres Tarasco wrote:

> By default, most Microsoft DNS servers integrated with active directory
> insecure dynamic updates for dns records.

This statement is way too broad. Creating an AD-integrated zone in Windows
Server 2003 does create a "secure updates only" zone by default. You can
influence this behavior in the zone creation wizard though.

> dnsfun exploits that weak configuration and allows remote users to
modify dns records.

I am not sure if I do see the point in rewriting nsupdate from bindtools.
am also quite uncertain if this really might count as a "hacker" or
"security" tool of any kind.

Denis Jedig
syneticon networks GbR

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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