[Full-disclosure] BIND remote exploit (low severity) [Fwd: Internet Systems Consortium Security Advisory.]

Hadn't seen this on here yet.

Lebbeous Weekley

----- "Mark Andrews" <Mark_Andrews@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Internet Systems Consortium Security Advisory.
BIND 9: dereferencing freed fetch context
12 January 2007

Versions affected:

BIND 9.3.0, 9.3.1, 9.3.2, 9.3.3
BIND 9.4.0a1, 9.4.0a2, 9.4.0a3, 9.4.0a4, 9.4.0a5, 9.4.0a6,
9.4.0b2, 9.4.0b3, 9.4.0b4, 9.4.0rc1
BIND 9.5.0a1 (Bind Forum only)

Severity: Low
Exploitable: Remotely


It is possible for the named to dereference (read) a freed
fetch context. This can cause named to exit unintentionally.


Disable / restrict recursion (to limit exposure).


Upgrade to BIND 9.2.8, BIND 9.3.4 or BIND 9.4.0rc2.
Additionally this will be fixed in the upcoming BIND 9.5.0a2.

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