Re: [Full-disclosure] Universal XSS with PDF files: highly dangerous

sven.vetsch@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Sorry about that but that's wrong. All the credits have to go to
Stefano Di Paola and Giorgio Fedon. They presented that stuff at the
23C3 in Berlin.

the original paper is located here

probably Stefano and Giorgio will post something on their site (!hey i'm waiting too stefano : D)

the technique exposed is really really neat but was only one of that
has been presented at ccc in that talk (UXSS was used as an attack
vector to inject JS to wrap/tamper xmlhttprequest and if the users
had a proxy on his side http response splitting was used in conjunction
to some keepalive bugs to "tilt" the browser cache to cause cross domain
scripting, all this was autoinjecting)

yeah it needs some conditions (a proxy with keepalive) but this is a
bomb itself : )

from the pdf: Ajax Security, Universal Cross Site Scripting, Code
Injection, Cache Poisoning, Prototype Hijacking, Auto Injecting Cross
Domain Scripting

anyway i expect to see something like an advisory/paper posted somewhere
soon from the wisec staff because it's obvious that the ccc pdf isn't
enough to metabolize all that stuff

Francesco 'ascii' Ongaro

ps: flash 8 is fixed : )

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