Re: [Full-disclosure] looking for security community input

A few years ago you would of had no problem getting a bunch of people to
bite on a request like this, but now all of the things you are asking for is
information that is worth allot of money. The security environment is
changing and just like the shift in the bad guy community towards nefarious
deeds for profit, I need to feed and cloth my children and if you want me to
help you its going to cost you, big time. The sponsor of this little shindig
is Microsoft and they have $46 Billion in cash so they can afford it.


On 12/10/06, Gadi Evron <ge@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi guys.

This January a couple hundred people from the net-ops world, anti virus,
anti spam, law enforcement, etc. are getting together.

I'd appreciate if any of you can send me input (off list, if not relevant
to generate discussion) on what the security community at large, rather
than just the security operations community, sees and is pre-occupied by.

Specifically on subjects such as:
1. Attacks.
2. Law enforcement.
3. DDoS.
4. Botnets.
5. Financial fraud.
6. Spam.
7. End users (bots?)
8. Corporate espionage.
9. Incident response
10. Your topic here?

And whats specifically you've had issues with and/or are looking for
solutions for or for what others are doing when it comes to security and
security related issues. Please note, this is about security operations
and Internet-wide threats which affect us all, more than local corporate
security issues.

We will relay information back after the workshop, likely in early

To ask specific questions and/or direct us in specific directions, pick
and choose:



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