Re: [Full-disclosure] Keylogger

Yesterday I finished programming a keylogger

How nice :)

, and have decided to sell it
online for a small price.

How very nice :)

I have posted here because I believe people would
be interested in a hacking tool such as this - keyloggers are the easiest
and quickest way to obtain an email password. Here are its features:

Cant wait!

-> Undetectable by ALL antivirus products in use today.

Isnt any new one? Or maybe you do morphine. (and UPX?)

-> Remains on victim's computer permanently (adds to startup).

My stuff usually lasts no more than 2 days :(

-> Bypasses Windows Firewall.


-> Sends logs via email to your chosen email account.

stupid smtp!

-> Logs include computer information, current window name, and of course
logged keystrokes.

stupid GetForegroundWindow, GetAsyncKeyState!

-> Logs are sent hourly.

stupid Timer

-> Displays fake error message to user.

This one beats me.. how do you do it?

My pricing plans are:

-> $11 = Keylogger.
-> $16 = Keylogger + Source code.
-> +$5 to either for access to all future updates.

What about bug fixes?

I only accept paypal/credit card.


Buying this product is simple - simply fill in the template below and email
it to me at the below address (replace [at] with @):

richard.williams140 [at]

wasnt that supposed to be richard.williams140@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or were you
trying to obfuscate it?

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