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El jue, 26-10-2006 a las 12:18 +0200, Robert Jaroszuk escribió:
Raj Mathur wrote:
On Wednesday 25 October 2006 23:14, cardoso wrote:

Exactly. A few years ago I used to deal with linux fanboys showing
them the cute trick of "linux single" at boot time. After a few
hours begging for the admin password, I teached the trick and they
usually stopped the brag about how security Linux was.

Can't do that in most modern distributions today -- they're configured
to ask for root password before they give a single-user shell.

Not that there aren't other ways around that restriction...

Ever heard about "init=/bin/sh" ?
It doesn't ask for password and it gives a root shell.
If you don't have password set in lilo.conf, box is 0wned.
You could use the 'restrict' option, it dosnt ask for a password unless
you modify this arguments. (if you press enter u boot, if you add init=*
it asks for a passwd).

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