Re: [Full-disclosure] tar alternative

Tim wrote:
Don't. Untar. Archives. As. Root.

It's that simple.

Or are you also going to complain about the fact that there are tar
versions out there that don't strip a leading / from the archive?
Much fun can be had when you carelessly extract as root, then.


Sorry to change the subject slightly here on this thread, but I was
wondering about this before the topic came up.

Given the problems with using the tar format for file distribution, are
there any other simple, non-compressed file-grouping formats out there
that weren't originally designed for backups (e.g. don't contain
usernames, permissions, etc)? Something that can be a drop-in
replacement for tar and thus can integrate with gzip/bzip2 easily?
(Don't even say .zip)

There's probably one out there I'm completely naive about, but I haven't
seen one yet that would be a safer alternative.

cpio ?

It does the job of both tar and gzip. Try an :-

info cpio

As for the Linux Kernel archives, I do not really think there is enough justification for a change in distribution format.

Most kernel coders either use non root account for untar'ing and making the kernel and do a 'sudo make install' anyway.

My 0.02cents worth,


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