Re: [Full-disclosure] [botnets] the world of botnets article and wrong numbers

On 9/15/06, Richard Golodner <rgolodner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
As we had seen today everybody has an opinion about how the Botnet
metrics are computed. I have been reading Gadi's post for many years now and
believe he is a very knowledgeable and competent person. Give the guy a
break, he has supplied us with very useful and interesting facts on Botnets
and that is a lot more than I see coming from all the rest of the group
involved in this thread.
Where is everyone else's data?\

I have data collected over 5 class B's via darknet.

Of course they are all 10.1.x.x, with only 1 virtual host per /16.
Seems lke I am guessing.

Not that I dont trust G, just wanted to see if I could goad him into
releasing some data (as has been called for)


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