[Full-disclosure] FYI: MS06-049 patch (920958) corrupts NTFS compression files

just FYI...

MS06-049 patch (920958) corrupts NTFS compression files.

Affected sytem

Windows 2000 SP4 + MS06-049 patch (920958)


* Discussion in english:
* Discussion in japanese:

How to demonstrate

1. Creat folder on NTFS partition.
2. Enable NTFS compression to that folder.
3. Insert Windows 2000 Installation disk to your CD-ROM drive.
4. Copy all files from Windows 2000 Installation disk to that
5. Compare.

How to prevent

Uninstall MS06-049 patch (920958).

How to find corrupted files

Try findcorr tool (by 147-win/1151414872):

C:\> findcorr.exe
Usage: findcorr [-a] [-d] [-e] path

-a Scan all files including uncompressed files.
-d Report compression directories.
-e Exact mode.

How to fix corrupted files

Restore them from backups.

Patch and NTFS compression

If you install patch, patch installer create backup folder for
uninstall, such as C:\WINNT\$NtUninstallKB920958$, and copy old
files to it.

This folder is NTFS compression enabled automatically. You
cannot turn off this feature.

Official information from Microsoft

Not yet, but they are working to fix problem.

- kjm

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