[Full-disclosure] Black Hat Briefings Japan Speakers Selected!

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The Black Hat Briefings Japan '06 speakers have been selected. We received many presentations this year and we have chosen a broad sampling of topics facing security professionals today, with an emphasis on issues facing Asian Pacific region . The <http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-japan-06/bh-jp-06-en-schedule.html>schedule is on line now and available on our<http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-japan-06/bh-jp-06-main.html> Black Hat Japan site in both English and Japanese.

There will be 2 tracks, over 2 days comprised of renowned information and computer security professionals. We have a wide selection of topics this year from "<http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-japan-06/bh-jp-06-en-speakers.html#Wicherski>Catching Malware" to an updated "<http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-japan-06/bh-jp-06-en-speakers.html#Rutkowska>Subverting Vista Kernel"

Alex Stamos & Zane Lackey - Breaking AJAX Web Applications: Vulns 2.0 in Web 2.0
Jeremiah Grossman -Hacking Intranet websites from the outside: Malware just got a lot more dangerous
Dan Moniz - Six Degrees of XSSploitation
Paul Bohm -Taming Bugs: The art and science of writing secure code
Joanna Rutkowska - Subverting Vista Kernel For Fun And Profit
Kenneth Geers & Alexander Eisen - IPv6 World Update Strategy & Tactics
Heikki Kortti - Input Attack Trees
Mr. Sugiura - Winny P2P security
Darren Bilby - Low Down and Dirty: Anti-Forensic Rootkits
Thorsten Holz & Georg Wicherski - Catching Malware to Detect, Track and Mitigate Botnets
Yuji Hoshizawa - TBD
Scott Stender - Attacking Internationalized Software

Please check out the speakers page for updates

There you will find Abstracts for the upcoming presentations and get background information on our speakers.

To register visit us on-line at:
Act fast our early bird discount will end September 15th. We look forward to seeing you at Tokyo, Keio Plaza Hotel, October 3-6th, 2006.

More information on this years venue is available at:
http://www.blackhat.com/html/bh-japan-06/bh-jp-06-en-venue.html .

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Jeff Moss

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