[Full-disclosure] [OT for crybaby list-nazis] blah blah now D.O.A.P.

William Lefkovics wrote:
Tangental to this discussion is the no doubt (to be) controversial UK film
D.O.A.P. soon to be screening in Toronto.


It's a docu-drama of the possible ramifications following the ficticious
assassination of George Bush in Chicago in 2007.

Is it the London Bridge you have for sale?

I'm guessing it ends with the world exploding. Because the only thing
worse than the asshat we now have at the wheel here (USA) would be
Cheney steering us into an iceberg. (Trivia! Cheney and I have the same
cardiologist... WTF)

Politics aside, I like movies that stir the pot. It could be interesting.

As for the bridge... sure, L.B. works. We may have a buyer from Dallas ;-)


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