Re: [Full-disclosure] Getting rid of Gadi Evron and Dude VanWinkle

I personally have nothing against either of the individuals you mentioned,
but in the interest of Full Disclosure and Freedom of Information I put
together a quick little step-by-step on setting up a filter to blacklist an
individual in GMail. Please forgive its crudeness as I didn't put much
effort into it, but it should give you what info you need to get the job

Creating a filter in GMail:
1. Click on the create a filter link at the top to the right of the Search..
2. If you want to filter mail based on who sends it, which is what it
sounds like you are looking to do, put their email address in the From box.
3. To make sure you typed it properly, click the "Test Search" button at
the bottom and you should see all the emails from that individual in the
bottom pane.
4. Click "Next Step >>"
5. I assume this filter is for a strict blacklist, so it might be easiest
for you to check the "Delete it" option, however if you want to just place
the email in a different section to where you don't have to look at it, You
will want to create a label by selecting "New label..." in the drop-down box
next to "Apply the label:".
6. Type in the name of the new label in the pop-up box and click ok.
7. Check the box "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)"
***NOTE*** The way GMail handles emails by placing them in threads of
conversations instead of individually, this might not function quite as you
may expect it to.
8. Check the box next to "Also apply filter to # conversations below"
9. Click "Create Filter"

That's all there is to it. Any existing emails from that user will be
filtered and any new emails will be handled in the same way you chose
without any further interaction from you.


On 8/12/06, vodka hooch <vodkahooch@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


for months now we've had to put up

now its time to shut up

how do i setup my gmail?

i know this is unmoderated list but im pulling my hair out to sift through
the real email

please dont turn full dis into symantec trolltraq, hlp me! :)


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