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You mean the fact that you are *erquired* now to *check* your laptop along with your baggage? Take into account that most laptops aren't easy to remove the hard disk drives, and that most laptops of corporate and/or government executives contain either sensitive or classified information, I don't seriously think that the UK government, nor its corporations, have taken into consideration all of the consequences involved. Take for example the ongoing issues of laptops mysteriously disappearing (esp. the Veteran's Administration...I lost count, how many has it been, 5 times?) that contains spreadsheets and/or databases that contains *private* information.

The UK needs to consider the implications about *how* they will cover the loss of financial, sensitive or classified information...

Just my 2 cents worth, which by today's standards doesn't even get you a piece of gum any more...sad, isn't it?


P.S. I think that corporations now need to state that corporate executives should NOT have corporate data on their hard disk drives; further locking down corporate assets. I think that they should make it easier for the removal of hard disk drives to be removed so they aren't stolen.

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Greetings all,

Given the new threats and the change in policy with the airlines and
traveling in and around the UK, has anyone changed their laptop and
portable computing device policy? We are being questioned about the
safety of executives traveling with their laptops.

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