Re: [Full-disclosure] 70 million computers are using Windows 98 right now

On 7/27/06, wac <waldoalvarez00@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
There was Windows NT workstation ;). With windows was the other way. From
desktop to server. Of course you can change Linux so much that it won't be
Linux anymore. Definitely putting an X server on top of unix won't make it
ready for desktop, that's a fact.

Windows NT Workstation was in fact identical to Server - except with
intentional limiters placed within the registry to prevent admins from
avoiding purchasing the "full" server product. However, you could
hack it and make it a "Server".

NT Workstation was the 'easy way' to begin to turn the platform into a
viable desktop OS. They were able to establish a base and an
appreciation for the accomplishments of the NT OS - as well as a
corporate desire for a more stable business platform for employee

I was a NT 3.x+ beta tester and dev support. Yep, I installed NT from
lots of floppies.


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