[Full-disclosure] Do world's famous companies take care of their security?

Do world's famous companies take care of their security?

There was discussion last week in the Full-Disclosure about XSS vulnerabilities in reply to XSS vulns in PayPal and Gadi Evron suggested creation of a separate mailing list for just XSS vulnerabilities. I would agree with him if PayPal and many other world's famous companies tried at least to patch such bugs:

The incident with Netscape must be example for everyone. Actually I don't understand the behavior of such companies. XSS bugs are easy to discover and easy to fix, so what's the problem? And instead of monitoring bugs these companies just put into risk their customers. That's how they do their business and that's how they take care of us - their customers.

There are XSS flaws at Digg's and Netscape's web sites. Are they planning to fix them?

There are still XSS flaws at PayPal`s web site (two years and one week after XSS bugs were reveled). Are they planning to fix them?

Example of XSS vulns are in my blog at


I will publish such information in my blog and hope that companies will take care of their security.

Valery Marchuk
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