Re: [Full-disclosure] 70 million computers are using Windows 98rightnow

isnt browsing the web to sites with flash, java, asp, php, etc,
allowing an untrusted user to run code on your machine?

Yes. Sometimes. No. No. Etc.

ASP, PHP, and some Java applications are run on the server. They send
your client HTML, javascript, css, etc. Now Java APPLETS are run on
your computer -- if you allow them.

I think so given the rate at which exploits are released for all the
above protocols, and especially considering the fact they will all go
unpatched from now on.

Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but doesnt win9x have file
shares? Does that require authentication?

Yes. It can.

-JP<who has never used win9x>

Chris Umphress <>

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