Re: [Full-disclosure] Are consumers being misled by "phishing"?

neil davis(rg.viza@xxxxxxxxx)@Thu, Jun 29, 2006 at 12:31:11PM -0400:
419's are distinguishable from phish's in that nearly every 419 offers
you something for nothing beyond supplying a complete stranger with your
bank account info. This is easily picked out as a scam by anyone with a
modicum of common sense. A person with a double digit IQ or who is
exceptionally challenged with a serious lack of common sense might go
for it. Maybe people that are new to this would lump them with phishing,
but a 419 is definitely different in the ways outlined above.

So, half of the population might go for it? Sounds like 419 is a
profitable business!

In case others didn't catch it, IQ is _defined_ as a normal distribution
with the mid-point at 100. Thus, half of the population has a
double-digit IQ. The criteria for a 100 IQ is recalculated every once in
a while to maintain the balance.

Bill Weiss

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