RE: [Full-disclosure] Strange HTTP requests

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From: Shannon Johnston
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 10:17 PM
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Subject: [Full-disclosure] Strange HTTP requests

I'm seeing a ton of HTTP requests in the following fashion:

GET index.html - 80 - <ip address> HTTP/1.1 fuujcbjbGbagkmkGuj7kmgnebl
+qekaf - - 302 0 0 532 206 218
The random string would normally be the user-agent. I can't help but
think this is a bot of some sort.
Anybody know of anything that would produce this?

Are they all index.html requests? How often do you get them? From how
many different IP's?
It could be just a proxy or a firewall set up to change the user-agent
to some random string, but whether they're surfers or bots you can tell
by looking at all such lines - to me, an index.html alone doesn't tell
me much, maybe others have seen this though and know what it is.


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