Re: [Full-disclosure] Phishing and Spammers

A simple SQL query can delete all records from the same IP/machine, if
the counter is above 2.

Presto, database cleaned. Also the phiser will now that at that address
there's someone who knows better. Remove the address from the database
and add a newbie clueless address instead.

Best-case scenario? Solve our problem and let others deal with it.

On Wed, 14 Jun 2006 15:23:05 -0400
"Geo." <geoincidents@xxxxxxx> wrote:

G> I would appreciate hearing a little feedback on this idea.
G> It strikes me that phishers and spammers have a vulnerability that we have
G> not yet exploited. They collect information, granted the returns are small
G> but since email is cheap they send out tons and those tons net them a
G> profitable return.
G> Why not encourage everyone to reply to phishers and spammers with fake
G> information? Get a spam, order it using a fake name and credit information.
G> Get a phishing mail, go login to change your ebay/paypal password with

G> credentials.
G> GIGO, you know? I mean if they are getting a 1% or 2% return then if the
G> same ratio were to respond with bad information it would make a lot of work
G> for the folks profitting from these activities.
G> Geo.
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