Re: [Full-disclosure] Re: blocking tor is not the right way forward. It may just be the right way backward.

On 6/9/06, Cardoso <cardosolistas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Most websites rely on cookies, sessions and javascript. If a user can't
live with that, I'm very sorry but there's nothing I can do.

Actually, no, most websites don't. I use a deny by default cookie
policy, and NoScript, and nearly every single website I visit works. I
need to enable session cookies when I'm buying something online, but
JavaScript is rare that I ever need to enable it for a site.

Same about corporate networks where people way high on the food chain
demand full access, no firewall control or even transparent filtering.

If you have that kind of problem where you work, you need to work on
more education and security awareness. Where I am, we force all
outbound traffic through a proxy, and everyone including the oh so
precious C level goes through it.


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