Re: [Full-disclosure] blue security folds

While I agree (mostly), getting the ISPs to do what you suggest will
never happen. If I, Joe Clueless User, have a bot running on my PC
spamming half the world, and my ISP notices this and shuts me off, what
will I do?
Most people would call the ISP tech support and say "my web doesn't work
any more". At that point they could be informed that they are part of a
botnet and need to reinstall their OS, your personal information is
possibly comprimised, call us when you are done and we'll switch you
back on.

I used to co-locate a server in an ISP and it got pwned. The ISP shut my
port off. I called, and he told me what was going on, I came down,
swapped out the box with a properly secured one(I was inexperienced at
the time), and was back up in no time.

Assuming I'm like the majority of users and either a) don't know, or
You'd know when your port got shut down and called tech support because
they'd tell you.

b) don't care what they're talking about,
You'd care if they cut you off.

I'll cancel my account and switch to another ISP (that won't shut me off).
If ISP's all did the right thing, you'd get cut off again and again and
maybe eventually follow their advice or go without internet until you

To do what
you suggest would be for the greater good of the whole "Internet
community", but would negatively affect $ISP's bottom line.
Excess bandwidth usage doesn't? How about all the time spent tracking
down complaints and begging to have your ISP pulled out of blacklists
because your users' computers are spamming people?

This line of reasoning doesn't work for me. It doesn't work for the
internet either, as we can all see. ISP's need to start turning ports
off for people that are part of botnets. If it kept happening to them,
they'd wise up and stop running every attachment they received.


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