Re: [Full-disclosure] Re: blocking tor is not the right way forward. It may just be the right way backward.

On Tue, 06 Jun 2006 10:34:18 EDT, John Sprocket said:
being ./hacked-with-latest-php-bug. in my opinion, i feel it's this user is
visiting a host
anonymously. meaning he's got something to hide.

Or maybe he just thinks that it's none of your damned business who he is,
and is taking a stand on principle.

You ever been asked for your address, zip code, or phone number by a cashier,
*even when you're paying cash*? It's the same basic problem - unless you're
very vigilant, info about you leaks out all the time.

And some people object to that, and try to fight it when they can. The
"something they have to hide" is just their privacy and right to decide who
knows what about them...

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