Re: [Full-disclosure] Tool Release - Tor Blocker

On Sat, 03 Jun 2006 00:21:49 EDT, Jason Areff said:

security through obscurity isnt security

Yes... And as the people who got addresses in the 69/8 address block
that *used* to be bogon space, security through bitrotted filters isn't
security either...

char *listof33[] = {
"", "", "", "",
"", "", "", "",

For bonus points, estimate the amount of time before addresses on
this list become invalid because they're not Tor nodes, and Tor nodes
get created that aren't on this list.

This list is going to bitrot really fast, and needs a way to be easily
updated by the people who install it.

And with some 400 entries on the list, it would be nice performance
wise if it used a sorted list and a binary search, so that for the vast
majority of cases, you'd be done in 9 or 10 interations rather than 400.
And if it gets to 1000 exit nodes, it will only add one more interation. ;)

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