[Full-disclosure] n3td3v agenda revealed

We, the n3td3v group have come up with a good way to disturbute our
recently discovered zero-day vulnerability and exploit code.
Everytime you sign up to the n3td3v group you recieve a welcome
message per unique e-mail address.
We plan to periodically release zero-day via the google group welcome
message, no longer are we using full-disclosure to reveal our dark
If Microsoft can make money from their own vulnerabilities via OneCare
then we can exploit the google groups welcome message by releasing
zero-day on the welcome message.
We will post a message on Full-Disclosure mailing list which will
directly or indirectly indicate a presence that our welcome message
has zero-day web link. However, our welcome message will only ever
have zero-day web link when we notify the security community that a
special welcome message is available.
What this means to you:
Free Zero-Day for vendors Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. (our prime targets!)
What it means for us:
More members on our news group than ring-of-fire.

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