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Paul Schmehl wrote:

--On May 22, 2006 8:05:47 AM +1000 Greg <full-disclosure3@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Large motel/hotel chain I recently acquired wants to sue previous company
who did their I.T. work for them as a customer's wifi connected machine
infected their network and caused loss of booking data thus money.

My question then is - if you have done the utmost to lock down your
customer but someone connects an infected machine and somehow it gets in,
is the customer right in suing you?

There's way too many unanswered questions here to provide an intelligent answer.

1) What was the nature of the virus? New and undetected? Or old and well known?
2) What was the status of patching? Current? Or way behind?
3) What was the response to the infection? Rapid and effective? Or slow and ineffective?
4) Where the critical assets protected from the rest of the network? Or exposed?
5) What was the nature of the security effort? Organized and focused? Disorganized and unfocused?

Those are just some starting questions. You would need to know much more to accurately assess the culpability of the previous company.

Responses to previous Questions.

1) This is Moot. When designing a "public" network you must always assume that these are the worst possible machines that are accessing the network. The design must reflect and prepare for this.
2.) Good question. I would add... What does their policy state about patching?
3.) I would add, how soon after infection was it discovered?
4.) to add here... Were the critical assets DoS'd by this or infected themselves?
5.) Great generic question.. The answer to this would lead to many more questions.

More Questions

1) What was the scope of the original project?
2) Did the IT consultant raise the issues that are now rearing their Ugly head? If so, what and who made a decision?
3) Who's decision was it to put the customers on the same network as the Hotel itself? (This is the person that should be held responsible for this.)

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