Re: [Full-disclosure] **LosseChange::Debunk it??**

Wow. I guess you're more knowledgeable than some of the most eminent
scientists in the US (physicists and structural engineers, architectural
engineers, etc., etc.), who modeled the collapse of the towers and proved
conclusively that it happened exactly the way witnesses saw it.

Paul Schmehl (pauls@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Adjunct Information Security Officer
The University of Texas at Dallas

Ok. Post the proof that counters the 9/11 conspiracy. Post the proof
that Steel melts at lower temperatures than what Jet Fuel burns at.
Post the proof that passengers can use their cell phones at 30K feet.
I tried from 5000 with no luck. The list goes on and on. Post evidence
that WT Center 7 which wasn't even hit by a plane collapsed due to
fire from debris when hundreds of buildings in the past burned for
days without collapsing. Hell a plane hit the Empire state building.
It never collapsed.

While these are all just theories, you should recognize that it's not
beyond the governments practice to spread fear to the people through
staged terrorist actions. Just read the Unclassified Operation
Northwoods Doucuments.

Blowing up planes, power plants, etc so we could spread fear amongst
the American people and go to war with Cuba...

Everyone who doesn't accept the 9/11 theory as a possibility usually
responds with, Oh they said that was wrong but can never post and
actual scientific evidence.
The other person who posted that clip that the pentagon release to the
public showing the hit on the Pentagon didn't even show an Airplane..
Just an explosion. What are we, a nation of ignorant children?

Just trying to be objective, after all I work in security; it requires
an investigative and open mind.


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