Re: [Full-disclosure] Re: MSIE (mshtml.dll) OBJECT tag vulnerability

Dave "No, not that one" Korn wrote:
Sol Invictus wrote:
"I also remember LSD pesters Microsoft and they were rapidly sold
I knew those guys were on something when they created Windows!!! They
had Dealers sell out of LSD???? ROFLMAO!!!!

Don't talk crazy. Everyone knows what operating system you get if you do
way too much acid.... Berkeley![*]

Windows must have been written on a fatal mogadon downer IMO.


[*] - Two things came out of Berkeley. And they both can be globbed by

According to LSD did not
come from Berkeley :-))
and following the path of logic if LSD did not exist in Berkeley , and
as you told us BSD and LSD are from Berkeley leads us to the conclusion
that BSD did not exist either :-)) So the only true thing is Windows :-))

Javor Ninov aka DrFrancky

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