Re: [Full-disclosure] What is wrong with schools these days?

Already 2 school breaches on the news this week and my
school will soon be added to the ever growing list, is
this a trend? I mean how hard is it to protect some data.
Allocate all the sensitive data on a select few servers
and harden the hell out of them. Do these schools have
info scattered around on various servers and sites and
don't know what is where? I mean Jesus Christ just this
week 477,000 personal records have been possibly
breached. Does anyone know of any federal law being made
or in discussion to prevent these from being an everyday
thing and enforcing policies like California has?

University after university is being hit, wait until
elementary, middle and high schools become attacked since
so many are moving towards putting and doing everything
from grades, enrollment and attendance through a computer
network. Its a disaster waiting to happen. I really wish
there was better laws enforcing that these areas are
better protected.
I think you are want to be noticed. You did email Fulldisclosure
for asking "Who Do I Contact?" but you were indignant because
others would guessing your school. Now you email Fulldisclosure to
bring more attention to you. So maybe you should have more
attention. Is your school in Florida?

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