Re: [Full-disclosure] Shell accounts

simply having a shell account does in itself gaurantee anonymity.

Whatever you read was probably talking about tunnelling. so you
connected to target host via N number of hops (other shell accounts on
different boxes). Doing a trace would require logs from N number of

This is more or less what the network does, I believe with
only 3 hops though + encryption between tor nodes. There are some
give-aways though with tor, like DNS leakage which may or may not give
you away.

On 4/11/06, Ian stuart Turnbull <ian.t7@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sorry folks,
my inquisitiveness has got the better of me again.
After reading some info on hacking it refernces getting a Shell account.
Is this a unix type bash/bourne shell? It mentions that to remain anonymous
you will need a Shell account. I know there are a number of places offering
free shell accts some with an out to the internet others without.

Suppose I had a friend who had a Linux connected to the internet and I got
him to set me up a username. As long as his machine didn't do any logging
[and he pretended not to know of anyone using this account] would I - using
sssh to connect] be traceable.

No I'm not planning on doing any hacking or causing mischief. Though I'd
love to know who's trying to get into my machine... but thats another

Ian t

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Anthony Ettinger

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