Re: [Full-disclosure] Re: [SC-L] Re: [Owasp-dotnet] RE: 4 Questions: Latest IE vulnerability, Firefox vs IE security, User vs Admin risk profile, and browsers coded in 100% Managed Verifiable code

On 4/5/06, Crispin Cowan <crispin@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Pascal Meunier wrote:
but as you posted an example profile with "capability setuid", I must
admit I am curious as to why an email client needs that.
Well now that is a very good question, but it has nothing to do with
AppArmor. The AppArmor learning mode just records the actions that the
application performs. With or without AppArmor, the Thunderbird mail
client is using cap_setuid. AppArmor gives you the opportunity to *deny*
that capability, so you can try blocking it and find out. But for
documentation on why Thunderbird needs it, you would have to look at not the AppArmor pages.

Does cap_setuid give a program enough authority to break out of the
AppArmor profile?


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