Re: [Full-disclosure] New IE sploit?

Thanks for bringing this Bleeding-Snort URL to the list!

- Juha-Matti

This will handle the announced sploit...assuming you do snort, courtesy of Bleeding-Snort:

alert tcp $EXTERNAL_NET $HTTP_PORTS -> $HOME_NET any (msg:"BLEEDING-EDGE WEB CLIENT Internet Explorer createTextRange Code Execution"; flow:established,from_server; content:"document.getElementById"; content:"createTextRange"; nocase; distance:3; within:50; pcre:"/=\s*document\.getElementById.{0,30}?createTextRange/smi"; classtype:attempted-user; reference:bugtraq,17196; reference:cve,2006-1359; sid:2002860; rev:2; )

full-disclosure-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 03/24/2006 04:36:49 PM:

> Internet Storm Center's always informative Diary has the following new > information:
> > "a particular site uses the "createTextRange" vulnerability to install a

> spybot variant."
> > More details at >
> > The timestamp of updated Diary entry is 2006-03-24 21:49:09 UTC.
> No need to say that their role is not to share exact URLs.
> > - Juha-Matti
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> > Hash: SHA1
> > > > Hey All,
> > > > I know this isn't really the place, but hey.
> > Has anyone got any sites that are currently using this, ideally links?
> > > > TIA
> > > > xyberpix
> > > > Blog:
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