Re: [Full-disclosure] New IE sploit?

The world would end if stopped telling us about their blogs.
The only guy worth reading about on that site is Mathew Murphy, the rest
like Gadi and xyberpix are just cheer leaders with no real expertise to
offer the security community. Well, we've got Gadi over at getting sucked off by
Joris Evers and the rent-a-quote spin doctors of Cnet News, so I guess his
spamming of this list paid off and now he's officially a certified "reliable
source" of knowledge, well thats what Joris Evers wants his readers to
believe anyway. You've got to love the security journalists of the
U.Smedia, they stand for balanced news commentry and discussion to its
and of course the quotes are reliable.

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No but don't worry the press will tell you that the world is ending

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