Re: [Full-disclosure] Phun! Search

I have exploit code for this issue, which the list won't be getting hold of..
The disclosure was to show that I can ask the slurp robot to cache an
account on the public index, so I can retrieve account information. I ask
the code to cache a copy of 'x user', when 'x' is at critical information
page to obtain access to the yahoo users account. Of course with such a good
0-day, I use it seldom and only on specific targets like yahoo users with
'paid' services and or Yahoo employees.

On 3/22/06, Stan Bubrouski <stan.bubrouski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
How old are you? Seriously. I don't know whether you realize just
how completely stupid you come off as to even people new in the
security field. You are a joke. Quit filling this list with crap.
BTW did you even check to see if you Yahoo! will let you view OTHER
people's account stuff? Otherwise it seems pretty useless.

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